Ilinca-Valentina STOICA, Florentina-Cristina MERCIU (IANCU), Andreea-Loreta CERCLEUX (CEPOIU

Abstract: The age group structure of the population in the Sărăţel drainage basin was highlighted by means of an analysis of the three big age groups: 0-14 years, 15-64 years and 65 years and older. It revealed a gradual rise in the ratio of the elderly population, the main cause being the migration of the population during the communist period, which strongly disrupted the demographic evolution of the area analyzed. The population pyramid for 2002 highlights a clear difference between the southern part of the basin (the villages of Joseni, Policiori and Scorţoasa) and the northern part (villages of Creveleşti, Ghiocari and Budeşti), suffering from strong depopulation. The sex ratio highlights a trend towards a feminization of the area, as a result of social and historic events to have influenced these settlements in the long run.

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