Ethical standards

  • Originality: In order to avoid ethical violations, the journal publishes only original material that was not published before and is not considered for publication elsewhere. Redundant publications (publishing small parts of the same research in several papers) should be avoided.
  • Authors contribution: All authors listed on the manuscript must have contributed a significant part to it. Vice versa, all persons who contributed to the scientific work need to be named in the list of authors.
  • Citation manipulation: Any manipulation of citations (e.g. citations solely aiming at increasing an author’s or a journal’s citations) is not well-regarded.
  • Plagiarism (the use of any material and ideas developed or created by another person without acknowledging the original source): The journal is committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity in the published content. The editor-in-chief decides whether a manuscript should be rejected because of fraud or should proceed to the peer-review process.