There are analysed the variability and trends of pluvial continentality over the Oltenia Plain for the period 1961 to 2018. The datasets cover monthly precipitation amounts from seven meteorological stations, based on which there were calculated five specific continentality indices: Vemičs index of precipitation and seasonal precipitation quotients (RShy/RWhy, RWin/RSum, RWin/RSpr, RAut/RSpr). In terms of spatial distribution, continentality generally increases eastwards. The variability of the pluvial continentality was analysed by the mean of ten-year intervals, while linear regression and the non-parametric Mann-Kendall test were used to emphasize any trend present in the datasets. Linear regression did not highlight a significant upward or downward trend, while Mann-Kendall test illustrated a monotonic upward trend all over the analysed region for RAut/RSpr mainly induced by the increase of the precipitation amount during autumn. The results are statistically significant for the eastern and western extremities of the plain.
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