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Toponyms within the Parâng mountains reflected in cartographic documents over time


The study highlights the significance of the toponyms and their use in time within the Parâng Mountains, their diversity (oiconyms, geomorphonyms, hydronyms, hodonyms, anthroponyms, hileonyms), their preservation or loss over time. An important aspect is the difference between the toponyms on cartographical materials and their location and names assigned by the locals.

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The morphometry of the glacial cirques within the Gilort basin

Emil Marinescu

Abstract: On the southern slope of the Parang, the glacial landforms are represented by ten small cirques developed at the head of the tributaries of the Gilort that are analysed by means of 21 morphometrical variables. Most of the cirques display a prolonged shape (popularly called zănoage). Due to their obsequent character they are well-shaped upstream. The lower step, which develops below a large threshold in most of the cases, displays a greatly inclined slope, while the contour is less obvious because of the periglacial processes. The deepening degree and the declivity of the floor impose the morphographical characteristics of the cirques. From this point of view, we mention the slope cirques within the analysed basin, developed more as surface than as depth and displaying a great slope.

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