Ioana Monica MUSCALU

The basin of Lake Izvorul Muntelui, is located in the Carpathian Flysch, being limited by the slopes that belong to the Ceahlău, Bistriței, Stânișoarei Mountains. Due to the alternation of detrital deposits with different hardness, the slopes around the lake are affected by various forms of degradation, determined either by gravitational processes, such as; landslides, collapses or solifluxions, or processes and denudational phenomena such as: gutters, ravines, torrents. Of these processes, landslides are predominant, because in the petrographic structure of the flysh there are mainly rocks with advanced plasticity in contact with water, especially clays, marne or marny-clayey shale. The most landslides affected localities are: Poiana Teiului, Hangu, Bicaz, where hundreds of such gravitational processes have been identified, the effects of which are the destruction of households, dwellings, household annexes, blocking of communication routes, splitting villages in two parts by the transported and deposited deluvial material, but also the impediment of the traffic on DN 15, its blocking, the interruption of the traffic or its deviation. After the inventory of lands degraded land affected by landslides and the map of soil erosion, a series of amelioration measures were proposedin order to reduce the effects of these geomorphological processes.
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