Mirela Elena MAZILU Ionuț-Adrian DRĂGULEASA 10.52846/AUCSG.22.1.06 10.52846/AUCSG.22.1.06


The planning and management of the Bucegi Mountains require tools which allow a broad and essential view in order to identify the tendencies and promotion of some balanced projects of development. Based on the connection between the development of tourism, specific activities and touristic destination, the Bucegi Mountains capitalize the presence of some touristic facilities and technical-utility features which may ease the capitalisation, mainly, of the natural potential – support for the practice of various forms of tourism: mountainous tourism, recreation tourism, adventure tourism, cave diving, etc. The most important principles of sustainable tourism can be applied to all forms of tourism, including the niche tourism. Consequently, the way some forms of tourism are practised in natural reserve areas must maintain the essential ecological process, so as the aesthetical values or the cultural authenticity of the host communities to promote the traditional values or the cultural-historical patrimony. Thus, sustainable tourism must contribute to the reduction of the risk of poverty in the local communities.

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