In this research we started from paradigm, that activated rural tourism resources can significantly stimulate the overall development of the local communities. The purpose of this paper is to explore the role of local authorities in the activation of rural tourism resources in spaces of 13 communities in the gravitational area of Novi Sad-capital of Vojvodina (Serbia). The research was conducted using interviews, with 52 respondents-local authority. According to the survey, in the studied area, there are: 23 natural rural tourism resources, of which 76.92% are not touristically activated and 44 anthropogenic rural tourism resources, of which 66.66 % are not touristically activated. Applying analytical and synthetic methods we concluded that the main causes of low level tourist activated rural resources are what local authorities do not know the value of rural tourism resources in their local community and show no interest for them. This has the consequence that rural tourism resources are tourism potential, but is not tourism attractions.

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