Abstract. Presently, the water supply and sewerage works in Filiasi town are operated by AQUATERM Filiaşi. But, due to some disfunctions in this system of infrastructure, the management of water resources at the level of the town is deficient. This fact is due, on one hand, by the quality of underground waters which do not comply because of the increase of the ammonia content over the admissible limits, and, on the other hand, by the quality of underground water which have a high content of iron and sulphur as they are in direct contact with the coil layers. Hereupon, the potable water supply for Filiaşi town is performed directly from the adduction pipe from Izvarna. The present paper aims to identify the disfuctionalities inside the water management system (under-dimensioning – the degradation of the existing networks and the low capacity of the waste water treatment plant) and in the same time to offer solutions for a better operation, because by improving the infrastructure for the water supply system, for the sewerage networks and waste water treatment plant will determine the rise of the quality of the environment factors and the life standards.

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