Abstract: The regions where most of tsunamis originate are Japan, Peru, Chile, the New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. The emergence of tsunamis may be caused by the following factors: 1) earthquakes; 2) volcanic eruptions; 3) rockfalls; 4) landslides; 5) submarine landslides; 6) submarine explosions; 7) meteorological reasons. Damage is caused by: 1) flood due to quick rise of the sea level; 2) dynamic load on constructions; 3) hits by floating wreckages; 4) soil wash-out at foundations by the fast water stream; 5) fluctuations of water level (leading first of all to the damage of vessels moored: 6) dynamic impact of the air wave in front of a tsunami. Tsunamis cause considerable mortality and influence a number of objects and types of human activity: 1) residential and industrial buildings; 2) water transport; 3) plant growing; 4) forestry, etc.

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