Valentina Ilinca STOICA, Adrina Iustina UNGURAŞ, Florentina Cristina IANCU (MERCIU)

Abstract: The biggest part of the Sărăţel drainage basin is located in the Buzău Subcarpathians (part of the Curvature Subcarpathians); the area encompasses 26 villages, with another few rural settlements located on the border with other river basins and only partly inside the area analyzed; these settlements were not considered because they are bound to other economic and social centers. This study assesses a set of synthetic indicators, which allow for a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the workforce, including population employment rate; the structure of the population in terms of the fields of trade they work in; economic dependence rate; workforce renewal rate; population structure in terms of training; tertiary sector employee structure in terms of fields of trade. Information on the workforce volume as well as its characteristic features is important because territorial development strategies are impossible to draw in the absence of information on the human resources available in a certain territory.

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