Elisabeta CIOCAN

The changes made in the structure of the agricultural land use within the Desnăţui Plain are caused, on one hand by the population growth (which determined an increased request for agricultural products for own consume, for various taxes paid to the land owners or for trade), and on the other hand, by the official agricultural policies (the reforms issued in 1864, 1921, 1945), which influenced the type of property and exploitation of the agricultural lands. In order to put am emphasis on the changes occurred in the structure of the farming land use in the Desnăţui Plain, both before and after the communism fall, there were taken as reference years: the year 1970, when the political system was thriving, the year 1989, which led to the end of the communist regime in Romania and the beginning of a new stage in the Romanian agriculture (privatization) and 2009, the year for which the most recent data have been gathered.

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