Abstract. The young population is a demographic component with multiple qualitative and quantitative valences. In 2006, the young population counted 5031.3 thousand people, representing 23.3 percent of the total Romanian population, with nearly 200 thousand less than in 1990. The decreasing trend of the cohort of young people is according to the downward trend of the total population of the country. Also, the statistics reveal the reduction of the fertility from 56.2 ‰ in 1990 to 39.5 ‰ in 2006. Between the analyzed limit, the number of the new born children was with 30 percent lower. The nuptial rates by age group and by sex registered the highest values in 20-24 year age group at the female population along the analyzed interval; at men, the same age group had a maximum value in the ninth decade of the last century. The economic difficulties have a negative impact on certain demographic phenomena.

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