Abstract: In the context of Romania’s recent adherence to the European Union, the tourism represents one of the real opportunities that the near future offers to our country.
Or, the gained experience, existent facilities and prices competitiveness are factors that recommend Romania as an attractive destination but, in the same time, the imperative action of all the ones involved in tourism will have to focus on the offered services considered to be of best quality (conformable with the ones of other European countries) and on maintaining a natural environment – its raw material – in complete harmony being known the fact that then when the environment and tourism coexists in harmony, the environment takes benefit of the tourism (and vice versa!).
The importance of this reciprocal relation also reflects itself in the positive actions of preserving the tourism potential or rehabilitating the environment, but we must not overlook the destructive actions of some activities of tourism such as: the excessive use of some environment components (water, air, soil etc) in recreational purposes amplified by an irrational, often brutal intervention, of people upon the environment and its natural resources.
In this purpose, the lasting tourism is and will remain in harmony with the environment and place population and culture, in such a way that its development will take place in their profit and not their disadvantage.

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