Florentina TOMA Daniel Constantin DIACONU Bogdan OLARU 10.52846/AUCSG.23.1.04 10.52846/AUCSG.23.1.04


During the COVID-19 pandemic, pre-university education was organized either on a new online model or on a traditional model, carried out on a series of educational learning platforms and using various open educational resources. Taking as a starting point the research published worldwide about the educational process during the pandemic period, we present and discuss the similarities and differences regarding the educational process of learning-assessment at the pre-university level, with reference to the subject of geography. To achieve our goal, we conducted a review of the literature on articles dealing with traditional pre-university education and the online model during the pandemic, taking into account our personal teaching-learning-assessment experience on this topic, as well as the perception of teachers. This study comparatively evaluates the students’ learning about the results obtained in the two teaching-learning-assessment models and the perspective of the teachers through a survey of their reflection on the experiences of the pandemic period, identifying the causes, effects and solutions. The observations of the experiment and the analysis of the questionnaire showed significant similarities and differences between the scores obtained by the students and how the learning platforms can facilitate teaching and learning. This study discusses the implications and proposes suggestions for further research on these findings.

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