Alexandra-Lucia ZAHARIA

The dynamics of the cultural – artistic phenomenon in Dolj County involves the identification of the forms of cultural manifestations carried out in the last five years in this area, the presentation of the main events of this kind from the county, with reference to the existing human resources necessary for such manifestations. The main purpose of this research is to do a “radiography” of the cultural phenomenon in Dolj County, in order to discover future trends that can lead to the development of the current, but also to propose some directions to diversify the existing supply based on which the number and diversity of tourists can multiply. The analyzed period is that of the last six years (2014-2019). It will be noted that the current cultural product is made up of various elements, with different forms (touchable or untouchable), services and infrastructure in a process of continuous development, which can outline together a future local brand (specific to human settlements), area or even county. The cultural – artistic manifestations generate cultural industry and default tourism. The cultural tourism is an unique and diverse economic phenomenon, which comprises a number of complex investments designed to attract, receive and satisfy the needs of consumers.

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