George-Laurenţiu MERCIU

The main goal of the work is to analyze the dynamics of migration in the Resita city and its area of influence. The need for this study is relevant in the context of the current development of the case study area, marked by economic changes that have brought about effects in the demographic, social and cultural fields as well. The case study selected is a geographic area with a relatively large spatial extension, where the historical and political factors visibly marked socio-cultural aspects of human habitation. Resita’s industrial past left marks on the current economic landscape because of the fact that, although the industrial nature has remained dominant, nevertheless, influenced by economic reorganization, it has required an apparent downsizing, from the point of view of both production and workforce. The economic and social evolution of the Resita city influences also the rural space located in its area of influence. This situation was reflected in a decline of the migration of workforce drawn by Resita from the surrounding area.

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