Amalia NIȚĂ Ionuț-Adrian DRĂGULEASA 10.52846/AUCSG.23.1.06 10.52846/AUCSG.23.1.06

The research provides an overview of rural tourism current situation in Vâlcea county, focusing on the existing natural and man-made tourism resources and also on the perception of travellers on this type of tourism, as well as a quantitative analysis of tourism in the area. An online survey underlined the benefits of this type of tourism on rural communities and development, such as employment and income growth, social and economic improvement and revitalization of crafts and traditions. Moreover, rural tourism can be an experience in the countryside, encompassing a wide range of attractions and activities that take place in the northern non-urban areas of the county. The rural tourist activities can be very well associated with ecotourism, cultural and heritage tourism and adventure and sport tourism. Thus, rural tourism can have major implications for the economic, social and cultural development of the traditional villages in the studied county.

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