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Toponyms within the Parâng mountains reflected in cartographic documents over time


The study highlights the significance of the toponyms and their use in time within the Parâng Mountains, their diversity (oiconyms, geomorphonyms, hydronyms, hodonyms, anthroponyms, hileonyms), their preservation or loss over time. An important aspect is the difference between the toponyms on cartographical materials and their location and names assigned by the locals.

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Toponyms, arguments of the inhabiting and social-economic development processes within Oltenia sub-carpathian depression area

Mihaela PERSU, Daniela NANCU

Abstract. In order to achieve the study of the toponyms of this sub-Carpathian region, there were thoroughly analysed the topographic maps at the scale 1:100,000; there were emphasized more than 200 names, half of which making reference to the landforms (oronyms) and the rest to water (hydronyms) and settlements (oiconyms). Many toponyms come from the autochthonous Thracian-Getic-Dacian lexical fund, hydronyms predominating. The oiconyms come from different lexical funds and they emphasize the variety of the settlements names. They evoke moments, happenings or historical characters, as well as occupations, traditional professions, thus contributing to a better understanding of the history of a particular region, of its economic and social potential.

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