Abstract: The rural settlements within the Băileşti Plain highlights in the geographical landscape by specific features which give its individuality. The characteristics of its natural background (the high rate of the smooth surfaces, low relief intensity, biologicalpedological-climatic conditions etc.), social-historical conditions and human-induced activities gave the villages certain morphological-structural features, which harmonize with the general features of rural settlements within plains. The morphological structure of the villages within the analyzed area is gathered, with households concentrated within the well outlined and clearly delimited boundaries of the heartlands from the economic territory (the estate). We can emphasize the following subtypes: agglomerated, concentrated or compact villages. From the poin of view of the physiognomy of the heartland, the villages possess a regular-polygonal form (44.6%), an irregular-polygonal one (41.4%) and an elongatedpolygonal form (14.2%). Concerning the disposing of the street network, the villages with regular, irregular and mixed texture are characteristic for plainlands.

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