Like most African countries, Cameroon benefits from the advantages of the use of Information and Communication Technologies. Faced with the emergence of the digital economy that influences all of contemporary society, there is the emergence and high consumption of computer, technological and electronic equipment by urban and rural populations in Cameroon. In Yaoundé, this situation is observed in the popularisation of the mobile phone, the creation of start-ups, multimedia centres and especially the use of computers of all kinds. This digital economy is at the origin of the emergence of new actors whose main role is the maintenance of this increasingly sophisticated technological equipment. In the city of Yaoundé, these actors work daily in centres or structures that ensure the maintenance of the said devices in case of breakdown or mishandling. This research analyses the socio-economic and spatial implications of handling these technological equipments in Yaoundé. It is based on ab survey of 203 Yaoundé’s technology and electronics repair workshops conducted between 2014 and 2017, as well as direct interviews with 192 customers who solicited and obtained the services of these micro-enterprises. Thus, the implantations of the micro-computer and technological maintenance companies in this city have considerable socio-economic and spatial consequences through the creation of jobs and incomes as well as the undeniable strategies of the actors both in the conquest of the market and the occupation of urban space and the territory of Yaoundé.
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