Maria HLINKOVA Miroslav GARAJ Martina ZELENAKOVA 10.52846/AUCSG.23.1.07 10.52846/AUCSG.23.1.07


The current pandemic situation has shown many shortcomings in areas that are on the margins of society. The development of education, not only in Slovakia, has a great potential to achieve an increase in knowledge. The present paper summarizes the results of a survey on the situation at the time of the pandemic, when the schools were closed. The survey lasted 21 days, during which it reached the attendance of 1 416 people. Seven of the questions in the survey aimed at finding out the form in which distance learning was carried out at that time, while three questions focused on the preparation of both teachers and students for teaching activities. The questionnaire included a total of 17 questions. The results showed in how many schools distance education was implemented, how teachers and students evaluate the distance and full-time education system. The most valuable part of the survey is the subjective opinions of respondents on the mentioned issues. The overall success rate of the questionnaire was 36,9%, which represents 522 participants.

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