Ion MARINICA, Victor Viorel VATAMANU, Elena MATEESCU, Andreea Floriana MARINICA

Abstract: During the spring and summer of 2010, climatic evolutions were atypical. Following a severe 2009-2010 winter, the spring was cold and excessively rainy until March, normal from the pluviometric point of view in April and very rainy in May. The weather was cold in June, cool in July and it became normal in thermal terms in the last summer month, August, registering an upward average trend during both seasons. The cold weather started in the first part of the autumn of 2009, being a characteristic of the entire period. The rainfall regime registered higher values than the normal in June (very rainy), it was normal in July and less rainy in August. The combination between the thermal and pluviometric regimes during the analysed period led to the development of a real agroclimatic risk situation, as emphasized in the present paper. This analysis is useful for climatologists and agroclimatologists, emphasizing unusual aspects of the Oltenia climate.

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