Abstract: Concrete knowledge about the genesis of a settlement has a great theoretical and practical importance, especially in a systematic process of territorial towns and villages. To know the genesis of settlements does not mean a simple historical “dating” or schematic reconstitution of a landscape. Such an approach, the genetic one, primarily involves knowledge about the capital feature of a nation, and its ability to develop into a stage or another, conditions that generate a way of life or another. Genesis of a settlement requires a good selection of socio-economic and natural factors ensuring the viability of any settlements, whether rural or urban, older or newer. Progress and current situation of the municipality of Chisinau is the result of complex socio-economic and natural factors, whose role and weight was changed over time and space according to the historical-political conditions. The evolution of the territorial Chisinau city is the result of the development of the functional settlement, in time and space, the gradual emergence of functions and development of existing and interconditioning of these with the demographic factor.

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