The importance of this study of landscape architecture results from the fact that it classifies the landscaped ecosystems on the territory of Craiova, describes the main parks and gardens within the city perimeter (both in terms of spatial characteristics and evolution over time) and emphasizes their complex importance (under ecological, sanitary, aesthetic, educational and spatial planning report). Emphasizing the need to protect and extend the areas belonging to landscaped ecosystems, this paper identifies and proposes several directions of action in this regard: proper maintenance of parks and gardens, both in terms of diversity and the richness of the current floristic fund, as well as in terms of the existing endowments; integral arrangement of Craioviţa and Comiţoiu parks as rest and relaxation spaces (in this sense, the transformation of Lake Craioviţa into a real recreational area and for the practice of water sports is of special importance); the extension of the surfaces owned by the arranged ecosystems by transforming into squares or public gardens some vacant lands from the new neighbourhoods; improving the degree of arrangement of the parks and gardens of Craiova; restoration of street alignments damaged over time and their development by arranging arteries without such alignments; increasing the area owned by the species of trees and shrubs that are most indicated in the ecological conditions of Craiova, taking into account the current climatic trends and the possibilities of diminishing their effects; carrying out actions to raise awareness of the role that the population can play in protecting and enlarging the areas of landscaped ecosystems. In conclusion, we express our hope that this work will be a useful tool in the future management of the landscaped ecosystems in Craiova.
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