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The ethnic connotation mark of oiconyms in Romania


The purpose of the present study is to correlate the ethnical structure of the population with toponyms designating human settlements. For that purpose, we have analysed the ethnical distribution of the population declaring its ethnical appurtenance at the national census in 2011, we have identified the names of human settlements that hint at ethnical groups’ presence and then correlated the names of those settlements with their national demographic structure.
From the point of view of the connection between the present percent of ethnical groups at the level of communes and the territorial distribution of oiconyms having ethnical connotation, we have identified a high correlation in the case of Romanians, only in part for Hungarians and no connection at all regarding Greeks, Polish, Macedonian, Jew or Turkish people; this result could only be related to a high mobility of the population, other that the majority one, added to substantial changes in the national structure of the population in the course of time.

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Bulgarians in Romania – geographical distribution, numerical evolution, demographic structures


Romania’s ethnical entirety is made up of several ethnical minorities, 20 of them being represented in the national parliament. This study aims to present the main demographic aspects which characterize the Bulgarian minority in Romania. We focused on the following elements: territorial distribution of the Bulgarians, numerical evolution during the 1930-2011 period, outlining the number of inhabitants for the future 10 and 25 years, the structure by urban-rural environment, age, gender, the marital status, socio-economic structure, level of education, religion and native language.

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The Romanati county under the effect of the administrative-territorial changes during 1938-1940

Diana-Mihaela PĂUNOIU

Abstract: Romanati was one of the oldest Romanian counties. According to documents, it is dated, as county of Walachia, in the 15th century (1496). During the administrative reform in 1938, it was included, together with Dolj, Gorj, Olt, Mehedinti and Valcea Counties, in the Olt Countryside. In this paper, I have presented the main modifications introduced by The Administrative Law in 1938 and the instructions sent by the Ministry of the Internal Affairs to Royal Residents placed to rule the countries, concerning the allotment of territorial circumscriptions of communes, and the modifications happened between 1938-1940 regarding the situation of the townships and communes that composed the Romanati County.

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