Alina BEJINARIU  Anişoara STAN

The river Vediţa is situated in the middle section of the Cotmeana Piemont. It is delimitated Westwards by the hydrographical basin of the Vedea river and Eastwards by the hydrographical basin of the Cotmeana river. From a geological point of view, it is located in the Getic Ground, which was a sedimentation area. This area is made up of Cândesti Stata which are made of sand in alternation with gravel with lens of clay. This geological structure is the main factor for the present dynamics of the relief. In the hydrographical basin of the Vediţa river, the main processes regarding the relief dynamics are: torrents, scrunb in area, landslips and landslides. There are some elements which influence this processes, such as: the relief characteristics, the human land use and the climate parameters.

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