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Territorial structures of agriculture and their changes

Matvey T. ROMANOV  Aleksei A. STEPANKO

The factors affecting the territorial organization of the agriculture in the Far East of Russia are considered. A role of natural factors in the territorial organization of agriculture is evaluated. The natural factors limiting the possibilities of agricultural activities are presented. The territorial differences of the agricultural branch in the 1990s are considered. The changes in volumes of output of basic kinds of agricultural products for a period of reforms are shown. Variations in the forms of land ownership and forms of the agricultural production organization are considered. The reasons of negative changes in the agriculture of the Russian Far East are identified.

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Draught impact on agriculture. Case study: Teleorman county


Abstract: The paper aims at analyzing the draught effects on the agriculture in Teleorman county. The draught phenomenon was registered quite frequently during the last years in Teleorman county, triggering a series of negative effects on agriculture, such as considerable diminution of main agricultural crops production and decrease of the income of the big agricultural producers.

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Use and state of lands in agriculture of russian far east


Abstract: The theoretical and applied aspects of the agricultural land use are considered, estimates of land resources used in the agriculture and their regional differentiation under different agro-geographical conditions on the territory of the Far East agricultural zone are performed. The proposed approach to investigating the agro-potential allows to analyze and image its arrangement, condition and types and efficiency of its use. The quantitative and qualitative characteristics of lands used in the agriculture of the Far-Eastern are presented. The structural changes, dynamics and intensity in the agro-potential use are shown. The agro-ecological characteristic of the agricultural areas most favorable for agriculture is given.

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