Annals of the University of Craiova – Series Geography – 2022 Edition, vol. XXIII


  1. Correlations between the hydrological regime and the morphodynamic processes in the Gilort River basin      |   Emil MARINESCU, Oana MITITELU-IONUȘ    | pp.  5-20
        Abstract        Full article        10.52846/AUCSG.23.1.01 10.52846/AUCSG.23.1.01
  2. Design of groundwater catchments. Case study: the water supply of Adjud   |   Andreea Aurelia IOJĂ    | pp.  21-28   
        Abstract         Full article        10.52846/AUCSG.23.1.02 10.52846/AUCSG.23.1.02
  3. Upon an un-identified Schmidtea species from SW Romania (Platyhelminthes, Tricladida, Dugesiidae) |   Anda Felicia BABALEAN   | pp.  29-43   
        Abstract         Full article        10.52846/AUCSG.23.1.03 10.52846/AUCSG.23.1.03
  4. Similarities and differences between the traditional approach and the online approach to the teaching-learning-assessment process for geography during the pandemic |   Florentina TOMA, Daniel Constantin DIACONU, Bogdan OLARIU    | pp.  44-61   
        Abstract         Full article        10.52846/AUCSG.23.1.04 10.52846/AUCSG.23.1.04
  5. Assessing visitor experiences at the Iron Gates hydro-electrical power plant (Romania) |   Liliana POPESCU, Mihaela BĂICUȘI  | pp.  63-72   
        Abstract         Full article        10.52846/AUCSG.23.1.05 10.52846/AUCSG.23.1.05
  6. Perception and development of rural tourism in Vâlcea county |   Amalia NIȚĂ, Ionuț-Adrian DRĂGULEASA | pp.  73-87   
        Abstract         Full article        10.52846/AUCSG.23.1.06 10.52846/AUCSG.23.1.06
  7. Current state in educational system during Covid-19 pandemic situation – case study: Slovakia |   Maria HLINKOVA, Miroslav GARAJ, Martina ZELENAKOVA  | pp.  88-100   
        Abstract         Full article        10.52846/AUCSG.23.1.07 10.52846/AUCSG.23.1.07
  8. The efficiency of using the Google Forms tool at the stage of a lesson focusing on directing the teaching-learning process for geography discipline – an online model |   Florentina TOMA, Daniel Constantin DIACONU  | pp.  101-124   
        Abstract         Full article        10.52846/AUCSG.23.1.08 10.52846/AUCSG.23.1.08

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