Annals of the University of Craiova – Series Geography – 2020 Edition, vol. XXI


  1. The influence of climatic conditions on the forest vegetation within the Getic Subcarpatians – Oltenia sectorPreliminary study of the phreatic waters at the confluence of Cerna and Olteț rivers, Getic Piedmont (Romania)      |   Adelina Iuliana NENIU, Alina Ștefania VLĂDUȚ    | pp.  5-18
        Abstract      Full article
  2. Toponyms within the Parâng mountains reflected in cartographic documents over time    |   Emil MARINESCU    | pp.  19-28   
        Abstract         Full article
  3. Recreational quality of urban green spaces. Case study Craiova  |   Ioan Eustațiu MARINESCU, Emil CURCAN    | pp.  29-38   
        Abstract         Full article
  4. Ecoturism certification systems in the Danube cluster area |   Loredana DRAGOMIR, Alexandru DOBRESCU, Mirela MAZILU    | pp.  39-48   
        Abstract         Full article
  5. Rural tourism asset development. Maramureș county as case study |   Amalia NIȚĂ, Gina SURUGIU  | pp.  49-60   
        Abstract         Full article
  6. The isolated rural communities in Domogled-Cerna Valley National Park |   Cristina ȘOȘEA, Simona GHEORGHIȚĂ  | pp.  61-82   
        Abstract         Full article
  7. The dynamics of the cultural – artistic phenomenon in Dolj county (2014-2019) |   Alexandra-Lucia ZAHARIA  | pp.  83-98   
        Abstract         Full article
  8. Active methods in geography classes. A comparative analysis through practical activities  |   Elisabeta CIOCAN  | pp.  99-106   
        Abstract         Full article

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