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Risk and resilience in the sustainable development of tourism


Tourism does not occur out of “nothingness”, an indefinite space, but it is an activity inserted in a particular geographical and sociocultural entity developed in a certain historical-political-geographic space and which has its own centres for potential, power and sustainable development force, interest groups, etc., with a special consistency and resiliency.
The significant resilience of Romanian tourism is that ability to withstand shocks, even to adapt well to “n” challenging situations like the economic crisis, the latest attacks launched in major capitals and tourist destinations (Istanbul, Paris, flues of all kinds, either avian or swine, the war in Ukraine, which favoured the development of cruise tourism, etc.), from which the Romanian tourism has emerged victorious, transforming many of these “shocks” into opportunities, emerging ever more powerful on the regional and international tourism market, itself subject to multiple metamorphoses.

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Tourist destination competitiveness: between desirable and imperative


Abstract: The problem of competitiveness is a current one, which has to be approached not only at a microeconomic level, but also at a macroeconomic one, because, at the moment, unfortunately, the lack of competitiveness of the products/Romanian services is obvious on the internal market as well as on the external one and has consequences in the national economy. With the strong competition on the oversaturated tourist market by countless elements, which are considered far from the quality meaning, ensuring the competitiveness constitutes a primordial strategic objective, this being a fundamental notion in the strategy and the strategic analysis.

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