Annals of the University of Craiova – Series Geography – 2018 Edition, vol. XIX


Physical Geography   
  1. Preliminary study of the phreatic waters at the confluence of Cerna and Olteț rivers, Getic Piedmont (Romania)      |   Constantin ENACHE, Oana MITITELU-IONUȘ    | pp.  5-15   
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  2. Lithological characteristics and structural implications for the relief within the Gilort basin (Romania)       |    Emil MARINESCU    |    pp. 15-34      
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Environmental  Geography  
  1. Environmental management systems, instruments to achieve sustainable development goals      |   Lavinia CRIȘU, Cristian RĂDUCĂ,    | pp.  34-43   
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  2. The ecological dimension of Craiova municipality. Case study: Craiovița Nouă district       |    Gheorghe CURCAN, Ioan Eustațiu MARINESCU,    |    pp. 43-51      
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  3. Planning and landscaping the main ecosystems in Craiova municipality       |    Gilda CIORECAN    |    pp. 51-63      
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Human Geography   
  1. Dolj County education system – diagnosis and reception basins of geographical students       |    Cristina ȘOȘEA, Diana Cristiana ȚIGANTELE    |    pp. 63-85      
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